Market Research


Gain deep insights into the market indicators and consumer behaviors that are important to your business

Gaining a thorough understanding of the landscape in which a brand operates lies at the essence of a successful marketing and distribution strategy. IMRI distinguishes itself by the analytical rigor of its approach to studying market trends, demographics, economic shifts, customer behavior, and competition.


With our team of highly qualified researchers with advanced statistical analysis skills, and field specialists and moderators thoroughly trained to the standards and controls of data collection, we offer a broad spectrum of services to address every client's needs.

Quantitative Research



Market and consumer segmentation

Awareness, usage and attitudes studies

Concept evaluation and product testing

Full marketing mix analysis and pricing research

Packaging evaluation

Pre and post advertising testing

Promotion evaluation

Shopper research

POS monitoring

Post launch tracking

Industry and competitive intelligence studies


Customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys

Market potential studies




Face-to-face interviews (door to door, street or in-shop)
Telephone Interviews
Online Interviews

Mystery shopping

Qualitative Research



Category exploration

Triggers and barriers study

Brand equity study

Concept and advertising evaluation

Shopper understanding

Idea generation

Decision making and purchase process study

Point of purchase and sale monitoring

Employee satisfaction surveys




One-on-one, in-depth interviews
Focus group discussions
In-store and in-home observation
Product placement
Triangular interviews
Creative sessions

Shop accompaniment

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