Trusted Respondent Program


Become a Trusted Respondent with the Iraq Market Research Initiative, and help us conduct research that contributes to the development of Iraq

Why participate in the Trusted Respondent Program?

You can help Iraq

As a citizen and a consumer, you are the most important element of Iraq’s economy and society. The first step for all companies and organizations that wish to operate in Iraq is to understand your opinion, your needs, and your aspirations. We have created the Trusted Respondent Program to give you an opportunity to voice your thoughts and contribute to studies that will help us to improve life in Iraq and contribute to the development of its economy.

Your contribution and your reward

As a Trusted Respondent, you will be contacted occasionally by the Iraq Market Research Initiative to participate in studies and answer questions about the social life, the economy, or the market in Iraq. Each time you contribute to one of our studies you will earn credits and the potential to receive a gift from us.


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