Why IMRI ?


IMRI offers a unique combination of international market research expertise and strong local anchoring

Founded in 2013 by local and international partners, Iraq Market Research Initiative presents a unique offering, based on four essential pillars:

  • International expertise. IMRI's management team accumulates years of experience helping leaders across industries and sectors  grow. We bring to Iraq the most modern market research techniques in order to offer our clients a clear and realistic outlook on the opportunities of the Iraqi market.
  • Local anchoring. In addition to operating a permanent team of consultants in Baghdad, IMRI works with a broad network of partners across Iraq. Our strong local presence allows us to offer cost-competitive services, mobilize with exceptional efficiency,  and deliver to our clients well-grounded strategic advice. 
  • Customized approach. IMRI works with each client on market research solutions and strategies that address their specific goals. Our approach starts with a deep dive into the complexity of the client's business, which allows us to design customized quantitative and qualitative studies that shed clear light on the client's strategic options.
  • Ethics. Whether in the application of its services or through its interactions with clients and partners, IMRI is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We are experts in our field and understand the ethical complexities of its practice. Moreover, we have made it our mission to contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy, part of which consists of proactively transmitting our expertise to local consultants.

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